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Class Descriptions

Ab Lab

30 minutes of total abdominal exercises to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles

Anger Management

Kickboxing: Intense cardio and core strengthening exercises coupled with basic martial arts skills

Blue Plate Special

Designed for a quick total body workout achieved through aerobic and weight training in 30 min

Cardio Party Mashup

Burn loads of calories by dance, kickboxing, hip-hop and traditional athletic moves

Cardio & Core

High Intensity Cardio for the first 15 min. and Core strengthening exercises for the other 15 min.


Challenging and fun workout featuring varied aerobic and anaerobic intervals on a stationary bike


A Hip Hop style of dance with high intensity exercise moves, sometimes using various equipment


Classic core conditioning exercises specifically selected to tone abs, arms and legs

Power Pump

Participants choose weights to work different muscle groups, focusing on reps and endurance


Total body workout with high intensity intervals using various equipment

TRX Circuit

Circuit intervals using various equipment including TRX straps for a total body workout

Senior Strong

Low impact workout designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility

Sit, Stand & Move

Low impact class using light weights, ball and resistance bands while sitting in a chair for part of class

Time for HIIT!

Burn maximum calories with long bursts of high intensity interval exercises with short rests


Class designed to improve strength, flexibility and concentration


Fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat and having fun