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Looking for ways to get active and burn some extra calories at our parks and facilities?

Biking at Duck River Reservoir Trails for 60 minutes = 509 calories burned

Swimming at CWAC Lap Pool 60 for minutes = 382 calories burned

Gardening at the Community Garden for 60 minutes = 318 calories burned

Powerpump at CWAC for 45 minutes = 469 calories burned

Jogging at Heritage Park for 60 minutes = 445 calories burned

Golfing 9 holes at Cross Creek Gold Course (with no cart) = 525 calories burned

Kickboxing at CWAC for 45 minutes = 477 calories burned

Playing Tennis for 60 minutes = 382 calories burned

Playing Sand Volleyball at Heritage Park for 60 minutes = 509 calories burned

Aerobics class at CWAC for 45 minutes = 372 calories burned

The possibilities are endless. Get Out and Live.