Hurricane Creek Park

Nestled in a 500-foot-deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Hurricane Creek Park holds over sixty acres of natural trails and wildlife for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy. Hiking, rock climbing, picnicking, and bird-watching are only a few of the many activities the area has to offer.

The park winds through four miles of hiking trails deep within the Hurricane Creek Gorge, passing along unique rock formations, cliffsides, and beautiful scenery all around. Park favorites include the Twilight Tunnel and Dead Man’s Squeeze, both formed by weathering of the natural rock. Hurricane Creek Park is also a gold mine for rock climbing opportunities, featuring dozens of climbing faces. Admission to the park is free, and it is open from sunrise-to-sunset daily.

Hurricane Creek Park Trail Map

Please Observe the Following Rules and Regulations:

  • – Suggested trail hours are sunrise-to-sunset.
  • – This trail is a moderate 3.5-mile hike with some difficult climbs.
  • – You are responsible for your own safety, so enter at your own risk; rescues are costly and time-consuming.
  • – No park rangers or attendees are on-site; prepare for the inherent risks of using the trail.
  • – For all emergencies, dial 911.
  • – Removal of any plant or animal life from the park is prohibited.
  • – Hunting of any wildlife within the park is prohibited.
  • – Damaging, removing, or altering wildlife habitats (such as bird nests, roosting areas, dens, etc.) is prohibited.
  • – Camping within the park without written permission of the Cullman City Parks & Recreation Department is prohibited.
  • – Fires anywhere within the park are prohibited.
  • – Pets must be restrained by a leash when using this trail.


For additional information, contact the Cullman City Parks & Recreation Department at (256) 735-9157.